Project ACHIEVE Publications

Care Transitions From Patient and Caregiver Perspectives
Annals of Family Medicine

Focus groups conducted in Phase 1 with 248 patients and family caregivers across the U.S. reveal 3 main outcomes that patients and family caregivers want from care transitions as well as 5 provider behaviors that are linked to these outcomes. The article may be read in full for free at the link above. One-page summaries are available at the links below.


Understanding Facilitators and Barriers to Care Transitions: Insights from Project ACHIEVE Site Visits
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

Site visits conducted in Phase 1 at 22 hospitals across the U.S. uncovered facilitators and barriers that hospitals experience related to implementing transitional care strategies.

Optimizing Care Transitions: Adapting Evidence-Informed Solutions to Local Contexts
The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety

This editorial from The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety highlights the importance of Project ACHIEVE's work and findings related to transitional care strategies. This article was not written by the Project ACHIEVE team, but provides context for its relevance.

Components of Comprehensive and Effective Transitional Care
Journal of American Geriatric Society

In Phase 1 of Project ACHIEVE, a multistakeholder workgroup performed a review of the published literature to identify 8 essential transitional care components that yield desired patient and caregiver outcomes.

Project ACHIEVE – Using Implementation Research to Guide the Evaluation of Transitional Care Effectiveness
BMC Health Services Research

This publication provides an overview of Project ACHIEVE's methodology to identify the transitional care compoments that are most meaningful to patients and family caregivers and then to evaluate the effectiveness of transitional care strategies and combinations of strategies being employed by hospitals nationwide.